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April 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

27 Apr 2016 8:18 AM | Anonymous

In Attendance

Board of Directors:  Kevin Cregan ASSC (President), Sandra Mersinger Snapdragon Design LLC (Branding and Marketing Committee Chair) Jennifer Ohme (idealDESIGN,inc) Not Attending:  Kyla Cox Savor Wine Boutique (Vice President)  Randy Brazee Homes for Atlanta, Keller Williams Realty Meredith Hill- Addison Hill Photography (Wine Stroll Co-Chairs), Stuart Brady Kirkwood Car Wash, Dano Kirk  Kirkyard Pub (Secretary) Dan Wingate The Pullman.

Members:  Emily Wimbush Augusta Designs,Phnewfula Frederiksen Happy Mango, Parker Smith Guitar Shed, Addison Hill Addison Hill Photography

Community Members: Odell  Horne NPU O


11:00-11:10: Meet & Greet

11:10: Approve/Amend March 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes- Approved

11:10-11:30: Updates

  • NPU-O & KNO Update

    • Spring banners and Spring Fling banners being installed by KNO.

    • Sell Kirkwood swag (banners, stickers, mugs) at your business. Purchase from KNO for 15% over cost. Interested? Need prices from KNO

    • NPU-O: Marta will be operating on the weekend. Bus stop by Library is closed.

    • Morris’ Lounge needs liquor license and business license

    • KNO: Wayfinding signs: Section 2.3 Blue Directional signs for public service for free. Cost of wayfinding signage $12,300 a sign. In front of Marche. Contact original sign installer. Sign permit from City of Atlanta. County has a budget for wayfinding signs for Govt complex at corner of Hosea and Warren.  Maybe funds from Spring Fling and Wine Stroll.

    • KBOA: Add a directional from Arizona to Rodgers

    • KNO: Clean up garbage cans in Kirkwood, beautify downtown Kirkwood. Cigarette butts, remove weeds, replace garbage can liners.  

  • Organization Update:

    • Unfilled positions: Treasurer and Membership Chair

    • New KBOA Bylaws being reviewed.

      • Annual meeting and new board elections will be November 15th at general meeting

      • No less than 5 board members and no more than 11

  • KBOA Membership Update: 48 members

    • Membership Directory is now live! See here Can add to KNO website

    • New Honorary Member: Kirkwood Branch Library

    • Log in to kirkwoodbiz.com to respond to meetings, update directory listings and see more information for members only like contact info and resources.

  • Kirkwood Library Resources

    • Seeking local job listings (or listings for locations accessible by MARTA) in a brief, easily printable format

    • Will present at our May 17th meeting regarding business resources

11:30-11:35: KBOA Finances

  • Current Bank Balance $6,323.17 (Paid idealDESIGN,inc $700 for April) Canceling storage unit. $118. Reimburse Emily for new lock on storage unit.

  • Coan Splash donation of $500 on 3/28/16  See blog post

  • 2015 Taxes. Time to file 501 c(6) taxes. Waiting on Quote. Researching last year’s taxes

  • Outstanding 2015 Wine Stroll:  Income: $150  Expenses: $171.84

11:35-11:45: Marketing and Branding Committee (Chair Sandra Mersinger -Snapdragon Design, LLC)

  • NEW KBOA logo. Thanks to Sandra of Snapdragon Design and everyone who helped!

  • In progress: KirkwoodWineStroll.com Emily to design on Wix. Send images to Addison for credit , billboards- Need sizes from Landtrust and from Stan. Need website. HistoricKirkwood.org or Kirkwoodbiz.com. Shop. Dine. Explore.

  • Brochure: Calling all businesses. Set deadline. Have for the Wine Stroll

  • Planning Quarterly Networking events. May 20th 5:30pm @ Guitar Shed, check with Spotted Trotter.  Sept 14 and Dec 20 (2nd Wed)

  • LIKE KIRKWOODBIZ ON FACEBOOK and Instagram! Members send social media information to Emily Wimbush: augustadesigns@me.com

11:45-11:55: Wine Stroll Committee (Co-Chairs Randy Brazee- Homes for Atlanta & Meredith Hill- Addison Hill Photography)

  • 2016 Wine Stroll: Friday September 23-10th Year Anniversary  

  • KBOA @ Spring Fling to promote the 2016 Kirkwood Wine Stroll. Special ticket price of $30 that weekend only May 13-15.  VOLUNTEER HERE

  • In Progress; Pouring Station and Event Sponsorship Package, more benefits like discount codes for your customers/friends, food pairing stations, KBOA Xorbia ticketing account

    • $50 for 3 days before the event

    • Coupon codes for pouring station sponsors

  • Next Meeting: Thursday April 28 @ 6pm- Randy’s House  106 Kirkwood Rd.  

    • Need more committee members to help with sponsorships, logistics, music etc...  See signup sheet.  

    • 4 cases of 24 of Wine glasses at Sherwin Williams. 20 cases at ASSC. One case to Happy Mango.

    • May for permitting for Wine Stroll

11:55-NOON: Community Events

NOON: Adjourn: 12:05

Board Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the Month @ Noon- Kirkyard Pub

General Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the Month @ 11AM -Kirkwood Library

May 2016

BOD:   Wed. May 4 @ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  May 17 @ 11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

June 2016

BOD:   Wed. June 1 @ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  June 21 @ 11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

July 2016

BOD:  Wed. July 6, 2016 @ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  July 19 @  11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

August 2016

BOD:   Wed. August 3 @ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  August 16 @ 11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

September 2016

BOD:   Wed. Sept 7@ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  Sept 20 @  11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

October 2016

BOD:  Wed. October 5 2016 @ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  October 18 @ 11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

November 2016

BOD:   Wed. November 2 @ Noon (1st Wed)

General Members:  November 15 @  11AM (3rd Tuesday)-Kirkwood Public Library

December 2016

BOD:   Wed. December 7 @ Noon (1st Wed)

Holiday Mixer:  Tuesday December 20 @ 6:00pm- Location TBD

Kirkwood Business Owners Association (KBOA) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. Atlanta, Georgia 30317

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